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Having a professional visual brand is GOLD when it comes to getting your new business established. The way your present your business online has a huge effect on if people trust you enough to hire you or now.

When you're not a designer, and don't have a budget for a designer, you gotta DIY. But having a DIY budget doesn't mean it has to LOOK DIY!

Use our Canva Brand Templates to get your professional looking brand, without the professional price tag.


Walk away with:

• A professionally designed, fully-customizable logo


1) Click the link to access your brand.

2) Customize your files.

3) Spread your GORG brand everywhere!


• Canva Brand Board

• 3 Submarks

• Font Collections

• Style Tile

• Customizable Color Palette+HEX Codes


Included: Canva File, fully-editable logo, 3 submarks, brand board, style tiles, color palette with HEX codes, font collections.

Brand Style: High energy brand design for women.

Color Palette: Magenta, teal, pale yellow, and navy.

Have Any Questions?

Do I need Canva Pro?

Nope! These were made on regular ol' Canva, so no need to upgrade to use them. Canva Pro is pretty great though, so I usually recommend it to everyone.

What if I’m not creative enough to do this?

I literally had the creative-handicapped in mind building these! They are set up to be edited in a way that makes it crazy easy, even if you are faaaar from being a designer.

What if I don't like the color palette or fonts?

Everything is fully customizable! You can swap colors and font's pretty easily, especially if you downloaded our color palettes!

How do I save out the files?

Canva makes it super easy! You can copy/paste the logo into another file and save it alone instead of on the brand board. Ta da!

Do I need to buy any of the fonts?

Nope! They are all free for you to use inside of Canva so you don't have to worry about buying anything extra.

Sexy Brands Made Easier

No Design Skills Required

Design like a pro - even if you have zero creative design skills! Don't waste hours messing around in Canva - our templates make customization sooo easy!

Instant Access

You get access to your files ASAP so you can get cranking on customization! You can have your website/brand up and running in as little as 2 hrs!

No-BS Guarantee

If you implement these tools and are engaging with your audience BUT don’t see positive reactions, you can get your money back, because that would suck.

Who It's Perfect For:

Determined women who want their marketing to be as badass as their business.

Service-Based Start-ups


Wellness Providers


Shop Owners


Virtual Assistants



Looking for Premium Brands to Attract Clients Like a Magnet?

Get full visual brands to create content like a PRO with Elevated Identities!

Join the other Badass Women who are closing clients daily with their strategic brands and websites.

"I wasn't in a place to make a big custom design investment. With this, I couldn’t be happier with the amount of money I paid. I was able to customize it all the in a couple of hours! The finished product is blowing my mind! The whole process is so thoughtful and put together with people like me in mind."

- Shannon Marie Kill