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Antique Viola Style



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What You Get:

Money-Making Website

  • 10 Page Website on Showit
  • Plug-and-Play Site Design for easy use
  • Setup, Launch, and Editing Instructions

Elevated Brand Identity

  • Primary Logo
  • 3 Submarks
  • All logos for Dark Backgrounds
  • Customizable Color Palette
  • Font Collection
  • Design Elements

Social and Print Canva Files

  • Facebook Covers
  • Social Posts
  • Stories Layouts
  • 13 Page Styled Workbook
  • Flier Designs

This streamlined beast-of-a-branding-system is the ultimate DIY design kit for badasses ready to live it up and take charge as the CEO of their business.


• Money-Making Website

• Full Elevated Brand Identity

• Social and Print Canva Files


• A polished plug-and-play website that makes launching easy and draws visitors into your world.

• A fully developed brand, no creativity or design skills needed.

• Enough social and print assets to make cohesive content creation a breeze.


1) Customize your brand.

2) Plug it into your website and follow the copy prompts.

3) Launch and start sharing your link to collect leads!

PLUS, Get these bonuses as part of your package:


1) Customize your brand.

2) Plug it into your website and follow the copy prompts.

3) Launch and start sharing your link to collect leads!

Success Strategy


Follow the already-there content and strategy hacks to turn your site into a sales magnet. All you have to do is plug-and-play inside the website.

Toast to Tech!


Launch your site without the tech headache. From hooking up domains to launching your site, we have you covered with in-depth steps to get it done easily.

Canva Companion


We'll help you design like a PRO - even if you have zero creative skills - by walking you through the whole customization process.

Have Any Questions?

What platform is the website on?

The website is build on the platform - for a number of reasons.

1) It’s super easy to use and functions a lot like Canva.

2) It uses Wordpress for it’s blogging capabilities, giving you pro SEO options so even more people can find you! Win win!

3) Some of THE BEST tech support you can find.

*My site has been built on this for years and it's an amazing PRO platform.

I'm hesitant to switch from Wix/Squarespace, and I've heard you need Wordpress?

There are tons of great options for just about any situation - is the most flexible, broad platform I've found to be great for just about any situation.

Squarespace and Wix can be very limiting, and Wordpress can be extreme if you're not needing something crazy difficult - Showit is the even group between them.

What software do I need for the logo and brand visuals?

I took what I know from my 13+ years in graphic design and translated it into a nice, neat, easy-to-use Canva file for you, so that is literally all you need for the brand visuals. I do highly recommend Canva Pro though, because it’s really affordable AND you get access to super high quality fonts and graphics with it (some of which are used in the designs).

Are there any extra costs for the website?

There is a cost to host all websites. The cool thing about the Showit platform is that the costs are even lower than Squarespace and most WIx sites!

The basic sites are just $19/month and the upgraded blog sites are only $24 a month -

<<thunderous applause!>>

For the different designs, what if I don't like the images or colors, but I like the general style?

There are four styles to choose from, as long as you like the general style you can make it yours!

All colors and images can be swapped out easily with your custom color palette and any branded or stock images that you want to use.

Sexy Brands Made Easier

No Design Skills Required

Design like a pro - even if you have zero creative design skills! Don't waste hours messing around in Canva - our templates make customization sooo easy!

Instant Access

You get access to your files ASAP so you can get cranking on customization! You can have your website/brand up and running in as little as 2 hrs!

No-BS Guarantee

If you implement these tools and are engaging with your audience BUT don’t see positive reactions, you can get your money back, because that would suck.

Who It's Perfect For:

Determined Women who want their marketing to be as badass as their business.

All Service-Based Start-ups


Wellness Providers


Shop Owners


Virtual Assistants



Join the other Badass Women who are closing clients daily with their strategic brands and websites.

"I wasn't in a place to make a big custom design investment. With this, I couldn’t be happier with the amount of money I paid. I was able to customize it all the in a couple of hours! The finished product is blowing my mind! The whole process is so thoughtful and put together with people like me in mind."

- Shannon Marie Kill